Category: Contras

Virginia No Reel

This is a simplified version of the Virginia Reel. It includes the single file and leaders arch action which is sometimes known as “Peel the Banana”.

Virginia Reel

This traditional proper contra is a long time favorite.

Simplicity Contra

This contra is intended to drill a class on Right and Left Thru and Ladies Chain.

Ohio River Contra

This contra by Jerry Helt has a Dosado of a couple with a single and a Circle of 3. There is also a slow Square Thru that could be cued.

Honor Among Thieves

This contra by Penn Fix has a chase sequence taken from a traditional square dance figure.

Good Girl

This traditional contra has “Active lady lead out to a line facing down”.

Constant Contra

This double progression contra by Mitch Pingle has “With the new lady on the right and Half Promenade”.

Caribbean Contra

This double progression contra by Don Armstrong has a single file march and return.

Arm Turn Contra

This contra by Calving Campbell has an unusual pattern which requires a careful reading of the description.

A Nice Combination

A contra by Gene Hubert for experienced community dancers.