Category: Contras

Market Lass Crossed

This triple contra uses Right and Left Thru.

Star Weaver

Mescolanza by Calvin Campbell with a sequence of five Stars using alternating hands.

Siege of Ennis

Traditional Irish Mescolanza with choreography similar to Dumbarton Drums.

Route 271

Mescolanza by Carol Kopp using five Right and Left Thrus.

ONS Party Mescolanza

Mescolanza by Les Hinkel for Party events.

Dumbarton Drums

This is a classic Mescolanza by Dorothy Shaw.

Don’s Mescolanza

Mescolanza by Don Armstrong for experienced community dancers.

Virginia No Reel

This is a simplified version of the Virginia Reel. It includes the single file and leaders arch action which is sometimes known as “Peel the Banana”.

Virginia Reel

This traditional proper contra is a long time favorite.

Simplicity Contra

This contra is intended to drill a class on Right and Left Thru and Ladies Chain.