Tag: Circle

Ohio River Contra

This contra by Jerry Helt has a Dosado of a couple with a single and a Circle of 3. There is also a slow Square Thru that could be cued.

Honor Among Thieves

This contra by Penn Fix has a chase sequence taken from a traditional square dance figure.

Good Girl

This traditional contra has “Active lady lead out to a line facing down”.

Barn Mixer

This mixer features two couple circles and scatter promenade. The original uses Right and Left Thru but there is a simpler option.

I Don’t Know Why

This is a great opening mixer for a Party Dance and can be adapted to many singing calls.

Rattlesnake Trio

This is a simple trio designed to get everyone involved and moving quickly.

Facing Trios Patter Ideas

Here are some ideas for freestyle patter calling to facing trios.