‘t Smidje (The Blacksmith)

Formation: Couples in a circle facing counter-clockwise, holding nearer hands, gent on the inside.
Music: “‘t Smidje” by the Folk/Rock Group Lais
Footwork: The footwork is intended to be opposite for the gent and the lady. However, the only place that is necessary is for the jumps and the roll across.

Download RTF file: ‘t Smidje

Intro or
25-32   – – – -; – – Forward;
    1-8   – – Backup; – – To Reverse;
  9-16   – – Backup; – – – Jumps;
17-24   – Roll her across; – – – Jumps;
25-32   – – Diagonal to next; – – Forward;

    1-8   With inside hands joined, run four counts forward along line of dance. Turn on the last count and join the other hands. Move backwards along line of dance for four counts.
  9-16   Going towards reverse line of dance, run four counts, turn and backup four counts.
17-24   With original inside hands joined, jump in towards partner, jump away then the lady (follower) rolls across in front of the gent to the inside lane.
25-32   With the other hands joined, jump in towards partner, jump away, then send the lady (follower) diagonally forward to the outside line.

Various Interpretations:
There are many different interpretations of the footwork by various groups and teachers. Most of them are roughly compatible with each other. Here are some options:

    1. Starting outside feet, take four steps forward, then three steps and a touch back
    2. Starting inside feet, run three steps and hop, then back three and hop
    3. The most popular option is to do whatever works to travel in the right direction

    1. Jump in toward partner and away from partner with two feet
    2. Leaping two-step (or pas de basque) in toward partner and away from partner
    3. Lazy side-close toward partner and away from partner

    1. Simply send the lady diagonally forward, without any rotation
    2. Lady free spins forward, clockwise
    3. Lady free spins forward clockwise as gent free spins backwards counterclockwise

Choreography by: Belgian Folk Dance
Usage: This is a popular dance among youth groups in Europe (all over). It’s easy and is mostly being done to the song ‘t Smidje by the Folk/Rock Group Lais. It’s nearly identical to All American Promenade

This page from http://dances.callerlab.org (CALLERLAB Dance Resource).

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