Virginny Mixer

Formation: Big circle of couples all facing counter-clockwise with inside hands joined.
Music: “Virginny Mixer” on Grenn 15005
Footwork: Opposite

Download RTF file: Virginny Mixer

25-32   – – – -; – – Walk and Face;
    1-8   – – Two-Step Balance; – – – Walk and Face
  9-16   – – Two-Step Balance; Right-Hand Star in four;
17-24   – – Back away four; Move to right;
25-32   – – – Balance; – – (Walk and Face);

    1-8   Gents begin with the left foot and ladies begin with the right foot. Dancers walk forward three steps and turn to face on the fourth step joining both hands in butterfly. Towards line of dance, step to the side and then close the trailing foot to the leading foot, and step on the leading foot. Towards reverse, step to the side, close the trailing foot to the leading foot, and step on the leading foot while turning to face line of dance.
  9-16   Repeat counts 1 to 8 but end with partners facing.
17-24   Partners join right hands palms up and walk around once clockwise in four steps ending facing each other. Partners back away from each other in four steps.
25-32   Dancers move forward and diagonally right to a new partner in four steps. Join inside hands with this partner ready to begin again.

Choreography by: Russ and Marietta Bullock, Warren, Rhode Island
Source: Cue sheet with the recording, Grenn 15005
Usage: This simple mixer is one of several with similar choreography. It can easily be adapted to two-step music of your choice.

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