Y. M. C. A.

Formation: Loose lines of solo dancers all facing the same direction.
Music: “Y.M.C.A.” by the Village People

Download RTF file: Y. M. C. A.

Part A:
Intro or
57-64   – – – -; – Right Arm points;
    1-8   – Left Arm points; – – Forward and Kick;
  9-16   – Back and Touch; – – Right Vine;
17-24  – – Left Vine; – – Full Turn;
25-32  Out, Out, In, In; – Arm points;

33-40  – Left Arm points; – – Forward and Kick;
41-48  – Back and Touch; – – Right Vine;
49-56  – – Left Vine; – – Full Turn;
57-64  Out, Out, In, In; – – Jazz Box;

    1-8  – – – -; – – Spell;

Part B:
    1-8   – – – -; – – Spell;
  9-16   – – – -; – – Forward and Kick;
17-24   – Back and Touch; – – Right Vine;
25-32   – – Left Vine; – – Spell;

33-40   – – – -; – – Spell;
41-48   – – – -; – – Forward and Kick;
49-56   – Back and Touch; – – Right Vine;
57-64   – – Left Vine; – – (Arm Points);

There is a long introduction, the dance begins with the vocal part.
Part A:
    1-4   Use right foot to mark time, while right arm points ahead and moves to the right in four bounces.
  5-8   Use left foot to mark time, while left arm points ahead and moves to the left in four bounces. Bring left foot back to place on eighth count.
  9-12   Beginning with right foot, walk forward three and kick with left foot on four, reaching up and forward with both arms.
13-16   Back up three steps and touch with right foot.
17-20   Vine right (side on right, left behind, side on right, touch floor with left heel out diagonally to the left and clap or raise both fists to shoulder height.
21-24   Repeat vine action moving to the left and clap.
25-28   Step forward on right and turn to the left halfway around. Step forward on right towards the back of the hall and turn to the left halfway around to face front again.
29-32   Step diagonally out to right on right foot while raising right hand. Keep right hand up while stepping out to the left on left foot and raising left hand. Move the right foot back and in while lowering right hand to waist. Move the left foot back and in while lowering left hand to waist.

33-64   Repeat Part A 1-32 once more

Interlude: Jazz Box
    1-8   Hold arms down and slightly out to the side with palms down while doing the following foot action. Cross right foot in front of left and step on it, step back on left foot, step to right on right foot, step on left foot in front of right foot. Repeat these four counts again.

Part B: Spell Y. M. C. A.
      1-2   Raise both arms up and diagonally out to the side to form the Y.
    3     Bend elbows to bring hands in front of chest with palms down to form M.
    4     Curve right arm over head and curve left arm out to the side and up to form C.
    5     Bring hands together overhead to make the top of the A.
    6-8   Hip shimmy.

  9-16   Repeat Part B 1-8 to spell Y.M.C.A. again
17-24   Repeat Part A 9-16 forward and kick, back and touch
25-32   Repeat Part A 17-24 vine right and left

33-64   Repeat Part B 1-32 once more

Start again at the top. With the original music, the dance repeats a total of three times.

Ending: One last Y. M. C. A.

Choreography by: Mike Del-Boyer, July 2010
Source: Internet Research on YouTube
YouTube: Wilson Center, December 2013:
Usage: This is a popular one-wall line dance. It requires some version of the original music. The several sections require more than a quick teach. If most dancers already know it, then new dancers can follow along and gradually learn it.

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