Cotton-Eyed Joe Groups

Formation: Couples, or groups of 3 or 4 arranged one behind the other in a circle like spokes of a wheel. Join hands, place arms around waist, or hands on shoulders of adjacent dancers. For Horse and Buggy Variation have two couples stand one behind the other. Partners join adjacent hands and also join the outside hands with the front dancers reaching back and back dancers reaching forward. In all cases everyone is facing the same direction to move forward in a big circle around the hall.

Music: There are lots of versions of “Cotton-Eyed Joe” available. Be aware that some have lyrics that you may find objectionable. “Cotton-Eyed Joe” on Lloyd Shaw E-35 is nice.
Footwork: Identical footwork for all dancers.

Download RTF file: Cotton-Eyed Joe Groups

Intro or
57-64   – – – -; – Right Cross, Kick;
    1-8   – Back up 3; – Left Cross, Kick;
  9-16   – Back up 3; – Right Cross, Kick;
17-24   – Back up 3; – Left Cross, Kick;
25-32   – Back up 3; – Run 3’s (or Two-Steps);
33-56   (Total of 8 Run 3’s or 8 Two-Steps); -; -; -; -; -;
57-64   – – – – ; – (Right, Cross Kick);

Variation for 4 dancers in 2 couples one behind the other:
33-48   (4 Run 3’s – -; – – – -);
41-48   – – – -; – Lead Couple Back;
49-56   (4 more Run 3’s); – – – -;
57-64   – – – -; – (Right Cross, Kick);

    1-4   With weight on left foot, swing right foot across in front of left bending right knee and holding right foot in front of left shin. Then kick forward with right foot straightening right knee.
    5-8   Back up three short steps (Right, Left, Right, Pause)
  9-12   With weight on right foot, swing left foot across in front of right bending left knee and holding left foot in front of right shin. Then kick forward with left foot straightening left knee.
13-16   Back up three short steps (Left, Right, Left, Pause)

17-32   Repeat counts 1-16.
33-64   Run forward three quick steps and pause on the fourth count (R, L, R, -; L, R, L, -; etc.). Or do two-steps which are step forward on right, close left beside right, step forward on right, pause; step forward on left, close right beside left, step forward on left, pause. Repeat for a total of 8 sets of Run 3 or 8 Two-Steps. :

Horse and Buggy Variation:
    When dancing the two couple version, in the two-steps section go 4 two-steps ahead then the lead couple release their joined hands to turn out and around behind the trailing couple then rejoin hands.
    This can be done as a dishrag affair without releasing hands. The lead couple makes an arch for the trailing couple to come through.

Choreography by: (unknown)
Source: Printed in CD Journal, November 2007
Usage: This is the Texas version of this dance. It is danced with much enthusiasm and vigor. Be prepared for an energetic and cozy dance. Reduce prompts as dance is learned.

Also see “Cotton-Eyed Joe Mixer” and “Cotton-Eyed Joe Line”

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