Category: Using Square Dance Calls

Blue Stars & Stripes Mixer

This is a very mixer dance designed to quickly get everyone dancing.

E-Z Mixer (Sherbrooke)

This is a simple mixer designed to quickly get everyone dancing.

Molly Mixer

Molly Mixer is a 64-count circle mixer using Circle Left and Right, Forward and Back, Dosado, Swing and Promenade

Kiwi Ring

Kiwi Ring is an 80-count Scottish Country Dance Mixer from New Zealand. Both ladies and gents dance a figure eight around their partner and corner. Partners change using a Clap, Stamp and Pull By sequence.

Jenny Reel

Jenny Reel is a 64-count mixer using groups of three couples and a scatter promenade. The calls are Circle Left and Right, Right-Hand Star, Swing and Promenade.

Hylls Phrase Craze

A simple 32-count mixer using walk, face and back away, clap 3 and stamp 3, Dosado, and Swing. Although designed written for a specific piece of music, it could be used with other marching music.

High Mountain Mixer

High Mountain Mixer is a 64-count Circle Mixer using the following calls: Circle Left and Right, Lasso Girl, and Dosado

Bubbles Mixer

Bubbles Mixer is a 64-count circle mixer that can be used with many singing calls. It uses Circles, two-dancer Stars, Dosado, Swing and Promenade.

Lancashire Reel Modernized

A version of this dance was printed in Northern Junket in October 1978. It appears to be a Traditional Mixer from Northern England. The modernized version adjusts the handedness for a more familiar and smooth action.

Marmaduke Mixer

Like Al’s “Ten O’Clock Mixer” this is a smooth and simple dance pattern. Calls include Forward and Back, opposite direction Single File Promenade, Gypsy, Swing, Promenade.