Category: With Some Footwork

Hi Neighbor

This is a simple mixer with just a bit of footwork.

Bye Bye Blues

This mixer has some footwork that will need some practice.

San Antonio Stroll

This no partner, circle dance uses Vine Left and Right, and Forward 3 and Kick. There is also a Mixer variation.

Sunshine Mixer

Sunshine Mixer is a 32-count circle mixer using Walk Forward, Side Close, Claps and Dosado.

Island in the Sun – Seniors

This is a variation of Island in the Sun designed for senior dancers. Partners maintain handholds for Promenade, Ladies Pull Out, Gents Pull In, Side Touches, and Clockwise Turn.

Island in the Sun

Island in the Sun is a 32-count circle mixer with Walk Forward, Back Away, Side Touch, and Star Right. Because of the required opposite footwork it is a bit tricky.

Hernando’s Hideaway Tango

Hernando’s Hideaway is a simple 32-count mixer with a tango feel. It is danced by a circle of couples. The calls include, walk, run, and side draw.

Cielito Lindo Mixer

Cielito Lindo is a simple 32-count circle mixer using Forward and Back, Partner Dosado, Circle Left, and Corner Swing.

Children’s Polka

Children’s Polka is a variation on a traditional German folkdance. Calls are Slide In and Slide Out, Claps, and Dosado.

All Spice Mixer

All Spice Mixer is a simple 32-count dance for couples facing into a circle. Circle Left and Right with some Side Close footwork; Ladies forward and Curtse; Gents forward and Bow and back out to right.