Tag: BDP

Lady Round Lady

Here there are three similar traditional squares which all begin with “first couple lead right and the lady go round the lady”.

Bird in the Cage

This has four versions of a classic, traditional square figure featuring circles with one dancer in the center.

Hi Neighbor

This is a simple mixer with just a bit of footwork.

Blue Stars & Stripes Mixer

This is a very mixer dance designed to quickly get everyone dancing.

E-Z Mixer (Sherbrooke)

This is a simple mixer designed to quickly get everyone dancing.

Hand Maze Trio

This is an easy trio using an interesting hand clap sequence.

T.B.C. Trio (Texas Boys Choir Trio)

This is a good, genderless dance for beginners.

The Freeze (Texas Freeze)

This is a classic, simple line dance.

Sunny Mood

This is a simple, two-wall Line Dance that can be adapted to many pieces of music.


This 32-count, quarter-turn Line Dance may be danced as a line dance or in a circle.