Tag: 64-count

Western Quadrille

This Quadrille has an unusual action of Balancing in a Thar formation.

Swingin’ Thing

This is a simple, peppy dance with several clever variations.

No Touch Contra

This dance was especially written for 6th grade students. It teaches the dancers actives, inactives, and ends cross-over skills.

Jefferson Revisited

This is Bob Dalsemer’s variation on the original Jefferson and Liberty dance. It includes Dosado and Swing.

Jefferson and Liberty

This is probably the historical dance from which the other Jefferson dances evolved.

A Penny Saved

Designed for contra dancers with some experience. The interesting gimmick is the ladies slide across as the gents turn to reverse the Star.

Jefferson’s Reel

This is one of the best Duple Contra options for use at Beginner Dances. It can be danced either as a Proper Duple or an Alternate Duple.

Mason’s Apron Trio

This facing trio by Ken Kernen is a simplification of a Scottish Country dance by the same name. It uses “Circle Six”, “Ends Dosado”, and “Centers Star Right with their right-hand two, then Star Left with their left-hand two”. There is a Triplet version.

General Bradford’s Charge

This facing trio by Mary Jo Bradford has lots of action. It uses Circles, Arm Turns, Stars, and a clap sequence. There is a triplet version.

Dos Plus One Trio

This facing trio by Ken Kernen uses “Inside ends Sashay down” and Stars of three.