Tag: 64-count

Cotton-Eyed Joe Groups

An energetic group dance with “cross, kick, back up 3”.

Red Wing Mixer

This big circle dance moves each dancer four positions during each 64 counts. It can work with almost any strongly phrased singing call record with a 4/4 beat such as a march tune.

Appalachian Trail Mixer

There a several quick changes in direction so it requires a good focus and quick reaction time.

Otto’s Fancy

A circle mixer with a solo grand square action.

Grand Colonel Mixer

64-count mixer adaptable to music of your choice

Western Quadrille

This Quadrille has an unusual action of Balancing in a Thar formation.

Swingin’ Thing

This is a simple, peppy dance with several clever variations.

No Touch Contra

This dance was especially written for 6th grade students. It teaches the dancers actives, inactives, and ends cross-over skills.

Jefferson Revisited

This is Bob Dalsemer’s variation on the original Jefferson and Liberty dance. It includes Dosado and Swing.

Jefferson and Liberty

This is probably the historical dance from which the other Jefferson dances evolved.