Tag: 32-count

Vogue Mixer

This mixer requires quick footwork and some agility.

Virginny Mixer

A simple mixer that can be used with other music.

‘t Smidje (The Blacksmith)

A popular Belgian folk dance with walk forward then turn and back up

Tennessee Wig Walk

A peppy dance with Point, Side, Behind, Side, Close.

Otto’s Opener

A simple mixer with Vine and California Twirl

Jingle Bell Rock Mixer

This is a nice dance for use before Christmas or during the winter. Other music will work for other times of the year.

Every Where Mixer

A simple mixer adaptable to another piece of music.

Cotton-Eyed Joe Mixer

A simple mixer using polka steps or two-steps.

Bingo Waltz

A classic family waltz paired with a Grand Right and Left

All American Promenade

A popular mixer, but it is a bit tricky and should be saved for dancers with some experience.